The Museum Tower Apartment project in Uptown Charlotte, NC was a unique project for Richa Graphics. Teaming up with Childress Kleing Properties and Batson-Cook, Richa was tasked with handling the marquee building signage and the custom design, fabrication, and on-site build/installation of a glow wall located in the motorcade of the facility.

The glow wall components, all the way down the structural steel grid frame were fabricated in house, this includes custom designed and fabricated connectors that were created specifically for the project to allow for equal depth and strong, reliant, connections between the wall and the steel frame. Richa was also responsible for the electrical wiring and connections of the LED lighting components within the wall.

The finished motorcade wall spans a distance of 20 linear feet and a height of 12 feet. Located in the drive between Museum Tower and the Duke Energy Center, the eye-catching and dominating structure is a first for the Signage and Metal Wurx teams at Richa Graphics.

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