The “Metal Wurx” Division under Richa Graphics is the company’s latest service offering and one that not many in the printing and signage industries, or long-time clients, saw coming.  Founded in 1985, Richa Graphics has traditionally been known as a “Reprographics” service provider.   This is still a core service the company offers, in addition to several other services that have been added over the last few years.

The company jumped head first into signage in 2008 with the purchase of a Flatbed printer.  The ability to print directly to non-traditional materials like plastics, wood, and metals opened a new industry segment for the company.  Signage projects, client specifications, and tight time-lines created a need for the company to look at capital investments that would help fill the current demand it was facing, but also position the company to grow into new ventures as well.  “Metal Wurx” is the culmination of the growth that has occurred within the Richa Graphics Signage Division.

Richa Graphics currently offers the following services:

5-Axis CNC

The 5-axis, HASS CNC Machine offers the ability of cutting the non-ferrous metals as the CNC, including Stainless Steel, and now ferrous metals becomes possible.  The limitations of working in an X,Y,Z axis environment are alleviated by the addition of 2-additional axial movements that are allowed by the router.  Precision machining of custom screws, anchors, or manufactured product prototypes are a reality.  The machine is capable of so much and there is a lot to be uncovered by the company.  The equipment is already being used to produce customized sign elements within signage projects that are difficult for competitors to replicate.  Custom brackets and mounts to assist with installation of signage in exterior environments are also being manufactured in-house when having to trouble-shoot an install location.

Custom Cutting

The ability to shape cut, groove-cut, and etch several mediums including acrylics, woods, plastics, and metal is readily available in-house.  Thickness of the materials that can be cut varies depending on the cut-style and what the material is being used.  The cuts are clean, straight, and accurate cuts that are required to build your products to specification.


The ability to custom bend metal in-house is now available.  We can customize the degree of the bend to get the profile you are looking for – 90 degrees, 135-degrees, 67-degrees, we can accommodate the bend.   Bending is only part of it, we can also give your metal a curve.  A custom cut to size piece can be formed to match the existing radius of another structure or match the specification of a radius for a manufactured product.

Welding & Metal Finishing

TIG, MIG, TAC, Stud Welding services are available, as is threading, drill and tap to custom thread sizes.  Brushing of aluminum, polishing, chroming, anodizing, basic color anodizing, laminate application are all services that can be provided under the “Metal Wurx” banner.

What does this all mean?

Richa Graphics has not only positioned itself as a Printing, Signage, and Graphics Company.  The opportunity exists for a client that has an idea or opportunity.  This can be reviewed as a team to see how Richa Graphics can be a partner in bringing your product idea to life.

If you are working on a project tagged as “Buy America”, “Buy American”, or any other Federal Government project that may have constraints to them, as we did on the LYNX BLE for the signage installed at University City Blvd Parking Garage.  A “Buy America” requirement stating that all iron and steel must be domestic and manufactured products must have all manufacturing processes occur within the United States, is something that Richa Graphics successfully qualified for and completed.

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