Richa's 2017 Midterm Report

A reflection of achivements in the first half of 2017

The past six months at Richa Graphics have been a roller-coaster with several projects hitting the ground, new projects being awarded and new contacts, clients, and partnerships continuing to bloom.  The overall review of the first six months of 2017 – a continuation of the high paced momentum we have built over the past 4 years.  Here’s a quick summary of notable achievements and highlights we have experienced in the first half of 2017.


  • Coca-Cola: Phase 1 & Phase 2 Renovations Completed
  • Bank of America: Official preferred signage vendor for Bank of America.
  • Synchrony Financial: National signage vendor for Synchrony Financial.


  • Endev Laboratories: Installation of ADA and company branding for Endev, a dermatologic research company located in Research Campus of Kannapolis, NC.
  • Cedar Hill: Completed installation of the renovated office building at corner of Hill St & Cedar St.


  • CHI Synchrony Financial: Phase 2 renovations the for Chicago, IL office.
  • Cambridge Apartments: Masonry and illuminated monument sign at the property’s secondary entrance, to match our masonry monument at the property’s main entrance.  This project is located near Newport News, VA.
  • Legacy Village: First install mobilization into Charter Properties’ apartment community in Mooresville.
  • Peyton Stakes: Made a final push to finish all pending signage in time for the property’s grand opening. This project was our second in the Nashville, TN market.


  • Dunhill Hotel: Design, fabrication, and installation were turned around in a few weeks to coincide with the launch of the renowned hotel’s new branding and logo.
  • Abbey Place: Our first big deployments of installation occured in April and we currently have illuminated monument signage in fabrication.
  • Blu at Northline: Awarded contract, in a competitive bid, for this new multifamily project going up along the LYNX Blue Line Corridor in North Charlotte.
  • The company website was redesigned and officially relaunched.


  • ORL Synchrony Financial: Phase 2 Renovations completed for the Orlando, FL location.
  • Element Barclay Apartment: Mobilizations to Wilmington, NC began with the monument signage and the leasing building code required signage installations.
  • Museum Tower Motorcade Wall: A 12ft tall by 20ft wide glow wall was installed in the motorcade at Museum Tower.  The entire system was designed, fabricated, and installed by our signage team.


  • Cam Newton Foundation: Richa Signage becomes an active partners in the Cam Newton Foundation’s 2017 Charity Weekend.
  • Southpark Grill: Fabrication of etched art on to pure brass plates and a 5ft x 5ft illuminating graphic behind the receptionist podium at check-in.
  • Carillon Parking Garage: Richa Signage was awarded a contract to customize all elevator lobbies in the Carillon Deck, servicing 227 W Trade St.
  • Gateway Village Parking Garage: Richa Signage was awarded a turnkey contract to design, fabricate, and install a new signage package for the parking garage at Gateway Village.

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